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27-year Holly Norcop continues to guide the group. Voted to represent the UK Film society’s and form a part of the jury for the 25th Etudia & Anima Film Festival in Krakow, Poland. After returning to her hometown of Stoke she inspired the Movie Mavericks to host last year’s film festival. This year the festival is handed over to new members to lead, whereupon mentorship is offered.


23 year old Chloe Rickett is a recent Photojournalism graduate from Staffordshire university. She continues to support the core group. As a key organiser of last year’s film festival she offers mentorship for the new members- taking on a new media contact role.


22 year old Fyer-Hune Sawyer-Hartley just graduated with a Film, TV and Radio degree from Staffordshire University. She is a brand-new member of the team who has been passed over the social media, marketing role and bringing the extra performers to the catalyst film festival. I’m so happy to get involved with Movie Mavericks as since finishing university I have been desperate to get involved with my local area and in the film and creative industry.  


24 year old Cynthia Coady I started off as a videographer for the Movie Maverick’s last year, I really enjoyed working on the visuals and collecting sound bites of peoples thoughts on the festival. This year I’ve taken on the role of Digital Marketer, inspired by the reviews left about the marketing the previous year. I wanted a role that would be challenging and engaging. I want to use my time within this role to develop and learn something new. I’m on a mission this year to finally start doing something I enjoy and working for the Movie Maverick’s has helped with that. A lovely group of people on a mission to get the community involved with cinema. We hope to create a conversation around films and with this year’s theme on utopia, show the difference in perspective from around the world.


25 year old drummer Danny Shaw from Meir Heath will be doing the event production & tech. He runs his studio business from Norsaca Caribbean Community Centre in Hanley.

24 year Old Molly Drummon is from Manchester and is studying for a PhD in utopian theory at Keele University. She also runs zine workshops and is interested in anything arts and utopian. She loves what the Movie Mavericks do and is just starting out with them – mainly here for the movies, she also runs workshops and enjoys just hanging around and meeting people.